Project 2 – part 4 : Concept Development

Probes Analysis

Creative time: Morning / After sleep

Stuck time: Evening/ After working a whole day/ Repeat doing the same work

How to deal with the stuck moment:

1, Finding inspirations on websites: Instagram/ Behance

2, Talking with others.

3, Brainstorming

What they really want to do when getting stuck?

Sleep, Singing, Alcohol, Watching TV

The most creative time:

When generating about 15 ideas, it’s the most creative time. Then, the user has got stuck.


Top idea:

Creativity Inspection Device:
Designers often refer to a variety of websites when they make projects, like Behance or Pinterest. The works from other designers could provide some inspirations or directions.  But sometimes, designers may overuse the design references which would let them lose their creative ability and reduce the possibilities of creativity.
Creativity Inspection Device, which could print a “Creativity Facts Label” for every artwork and design works including both tangible subjects and images. The “Creativity Facts Label” shows the name of the project, source of reference, reference percentage, and etc. This usually involves the technology of image recognition and AI.


Example of the Nutrition facts label

The Creativity Inspection App and the Creativity facts label








If we have a creativity shop in the future. The price would be based on the original creativity. Every subject is attached a creativity label to let customers know how creative this work is.


concept #1

creative pills: when you stuck on the project, eat a pill, then you will get lots of creative ideas.



Concept #2

Power Off:  Cut off all the interference. People sit in an empty room without a phone, computer and the things interrupt you.  Then people can concentrate on the creative thing.


Concept #3

Bath inspiration room. A mobile bathroom where people’s inspiration can be detected and recorded on the display screen immediately.



Concept #4

An alarm can remind you should take a break according to your creative period cycle.


Concept #5

Look the world from the other angle. A machine helps people stand upside down. When the blood flows back to the brain, the creativity is coming.

Concept #6

Auction creativity. People write the favorite ideas and put them on the wall. The higher bidder can get the idea.

unnamed (2).jpg


Concept #7

A canvas full of pixels. Each people can choose one color pen, and draw an image or text on the canvas no more than 30 pixels. This canvas will be exhibited on the main building at CCA.


Concept #8

A board is surrounded by nails. Each people can choose a line of color, unlimited length, and wrap around the nails to draw images.

unnamed (1).jpg


Concept #9

People over depend on creativity from the internet, like Pinterest and Behance. It results in most of the work are very similar. It is hard for designers to have real creativity, everything is imitation.

“Creative Subway”

All the creative website (Pinterest, Behance, Instagram, Quora, etc.) are the food ingredients, people just select some of these then a perfect artwork is done.



Creative #10

A box with two windows in one side, which is two arms is out from these two windows separately. It randomly bugs people or peach people. Why? Because people stuck on the creativity, they have external stimulation.



Concept #11

A time changeable clock

The deadline is first productivity. This magic clock will change time around to the day before your deadline, even it’s seven days earlier. It would push people to finish their creative work.

Concept #12

when you are stuck on creativity. A machine hand will help scratch your hair to inspire you.

Concept #13

When people stay in silence environment, they usually have more ideas. There is a room where people can patch a button to change the color of the wall or play some background music like forest sound, wind sound, and rain sound, etc.

Concept #14

Siri. An interactive robot who can talk with people. When you are out of your ideas, you can talk to the ‘Siri’, ‘Siri’ will respond you with “Give up, stupid human”.

Concept #15

A magic food manufacture machine can produce food with any ingredient you do not like. For example, when you throw your computer or your handouts, it will produce a cookie with the same shape.



A Brainwave detector which could help people record the most creative time when they are doing something else.WechatIMG57


An App which users could provide their opinion and idea for the user who needs help, Users could like or dislike others’ idea. The user could send the reward to the opinion he likes, or send something disgusting to the bad idea.



If people could express their opinions of the art and design works in public space.


Concept#19 An AI system could stop people when they are focusing on their work too long. When users are stuck on their work, the light will be cut off. Only they go to sleep for several hours, the light would turn on.




Not only you stuck on your project. Find other people we are stuck too, you are not alone.


Concept#21 The Smart pen. When the pen detects the user is stuck, it would not be used for 10 min, which gives users’ a break.


Concept#22 Find a hug nearby. When you feel stuck, you could find a person who provides you a comfort nearby, like a hug.


Concept#23 The smart Beverage machine



Concept#24 Adjust the environment based on your data.


Concept#25 Exchange the role



Concept#26 Encouragement robot(Positive/Negtive)


Concept#27 Test your stuck level, send the message to your professor or boss.



Concept#28 Stealing ideas from others computer. A game system which you could steal the idea from others, and also, you could hit someone’s digital character who want to steal your idea.





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