project 2-2 — Research plan


Creativity is a skill to be learned, practiced, and develop… …

Research content

Ways to Become More Creative in the Next 10 Minutes

1.Doodle something

2.Create the right environment (How the environment influences people’s creativity?)

3. 30 circles test (Playfulness is important)

Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Creativity

1.True Blue

Surround yourself with the cool, calming color of blue to give your creativity a boost.


Total research content link:


9 Ways to Become More Creative in the Next 10 Minutes


(Inspiration from 30 circles test:

What we want to know?

How the environment influences people’s creativity?

(Color, smell, stuff, sound, touch, taste)


HMW judge creativity by paintings

HMW know the people from two cultural backgrounds have the same understanding of colors.

HMW know the people form two different cultures have the same understanding of the emotions conveyed by other countries’ music?

HMW inspire more creativity within a limited time?

HMW draw more images within the specified pattern?

HMW know the impact on creativity through natural, artificial, and electronic sounds?


Design Prob #1

We want to find out how the color will influence people’s creativity.


Tools: red glasses, blue glasses,3 papers printed 100 circles on each.

Rules: Draw the circles printed on paper into different kinds of things. People will finish drawing each paper in 1 min.


User flow of the design prob.



We will record how many circles could people draw in 1 min?

We will record what kinds of things will they draw?

Test documents:



Design Probes #2

We want to find out how the different sounds will influence people’s creativity.


Tools: a radio about 5 different sounds (rain, fart, street, TV, footsteps), paper, pen, camera.

Rules: People draw lines, dots or curves while listening to different kinds of sound. Each voice is five seconds, and each interval between sounds is two seconds.

Sound link:

Test documents:



Design Probe #3

We want to find out how the different kinds of music will influence people’s creativity.


Tools: a radio about 4 music base on different backgrounds,  paper, pen, camera.

  1. I’m Gonna Getcha Good (happy)
  2. Gong xi fa cai (happy)
  3. Er-quan ying yue (sad)
  4. funeral march (sad)

Rules: People can create images,  write down some keywords, even talk to the camera while listening to music.

Future: Artificial intelligence recognizing people is the most creative when listening to a kind of music.



Deploy Cultural Probes


Time: 3:00 pm, 5/11/2018

Time: 3:00 pm, 5/11/2018

Location: GC 5

Test group number: 3

Group #1


Participant: Jeff

Gender: Male

Nationality: the USA

Major: Industrial design year 2


Before the test, we told him to draw the circles into specific things.

Probe 1: Color

He painted 7 images without wearing glasses, 10 patterns when he was wearing red glasses, 12 images when he was wearing green glasses (5 images are very similar). No significant effect on his creation. 

Probe 2: Sound

Most of the patterns are curves and lines, but when he heard the farting sound, he drew squares.

Probe 3: Music

#1 Er Quan Ying Yue

He didn’t understand  Chinese culture. But it made him remember something about Asian culture in his daily life, and he realized the dull atmosphere of the music.

#2 I’m Gonna Getcha Good

He could feel this is a happy song, and he wrote some information about the style of this song.

Conclusion: He seemed like with some negative feelings with himself. Most of the things are boring for him. When playing the game, he always looked at us, which seemed like to find some answers? He didn’t show much creative thinking. Also, he felt the color didn’t affect him at all.  In the music part, he just tried to connect the music with some related things, and find some information wrote on the paper.


Group #2


Participant: Yuhan Chen

Gender: Female

Nationality: China

Major: Interaction design year 1


Before the test, we told her to draw anything she likes.

Probe 1: Color

She thought the piece of paper as a whole to paint. When she wore green glasses, you draw lines like grass. This was obviously different from the other two groups. 

Probe 2: Sound

When she heard the farting sound, the drawing stopped. When she heard the noise of the street, she drew a cluttered circle.

Probe 3: Music

#1 Gong Xi Fa Cai

She recognized that it is music about Spring Festival, so she drew firecrackers and marked it red.

#2 Funeral March

She drew some crooked lines, expressing the melody of the song.

Conclusion: She had some positive reflection on the color, sound, and music. Some interesting or special things would help her to image a lot. Also, when she heard the song for spring fectival, she could draw some specific things connecting with her cultural background. She was more sensitive to green color. She has drew something like grass land

Group #3


Participant: Jason

Major: Industrial design year 0

Nationality: the USA


Before the test, we told him to draw anything she likes.

Probe 1: Color

He thought the piece of paper as a whole to paint. He tried to connect the circles into a whole image. When he wore the red glasses, he drew a bottle with sparkling water inside, which is similar to Coke( red is a VI color ).

Probe 2: Sound

He tried to ignore the sound and focus on his drawing. But when he heard the farting sound, he smiled and fill one character’s eyes of his drawing.

Probe 3: Music

#1 Gong Xi Fa Cai

Although he didn’t know this song is for the Spring festival, he could figure out it is a song for celebration. He drew many balloons and some line to express the celebrating scenery.

#2 Funeral March

He didn’t know this song is for the funeral, but he drew a lake with a lonely boat, a bunch, and some trees. It’s a peaceful and

Conclusion:The music could let him image some specific scene. About the colors, he was more sensitive to red. He tried to ignore the impact from sounds, but the farting sound made him laugh.


Basically, the music was more effective to people’s creativity than sounds and colors.

Some color, music, sound related to memory would let people generate some specific things or scene.

People have some individual interpretations on different kinds of things.

How we could measure people’s creativity is a kind of problem.





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